The Macdonald Medal

Category: Awards

Mount Saint John School – Deep River, Connecticut

Throughout the past 20 years, Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates, Inc. has enjoyed a close working relationship with Mount Saint John School, serving as its engineering consultants on a variety of school development projects. During the June 2000 Commencement Service, Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates, Inc. was awarded the prestigious Macdonald Medal with the following inscription:

“The Macdonald Medal is given each year to a friend of this institution. Nathan L. Jacobson and Associates have been good friends of Mount Saint John for many years. Mr. Nathan Jacobson and Mr. Jeff Jacobson have worked with Mount Saint John over the years on a great many projects. Friends of, and respected by, Father Macdonald, the company provided essential services to Mount Saint John as the property on the Mount underwent extensive renovation and development. Always helpful and often answering urgent calls for assistance over the years, Nathan L. Jacobson and Associates have contributed greatly to the well being of the boys who live here.

For that, we at Mount Saint John are extremely grateful. Two years ago, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. We not only congratulate them on that anniversary, but also thank them for being so good to Mount Saint John during those years. It is a happy moment for us at Mount Saint John to offer you this tribute today. Nathan L Jacobson and Associates has been a good friend of Mount Saint John. May God always watch over you. May you value this award and treasure the memory of the man in whose honor it is named.”