Water Resources

Developing Effective, Efficient, and Economic Management of Water

Water resource engineering deals with the effective, efficient and economic management of water for the benefit of users including the design of various hydraulic and flood control structures, management of waterways, flood and erosion protection, and aquatic and recreational uses. Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates have successfully completed numerous projects in this specialized field including fish ladders, dam evaluation and rehabilitation projects, watershed studies and stormwater monitoring and treatment.

Our technical staff has extensive experience in the regulatory framework and processes under which these types of projects can be executed and completed.

Featured Water Resource Projects

Our team delivers steady and consistent service and support, and we always act in the best interest of our clients, with a concerted effort to understand their needs and challenges.

  • Understand the Impact

    Our goal is to maintain and enhance the environmental quality of life through the application of the latest engineering technologies with a sensitivity to the social, economic, aesthetic, and environmental impact of every project.

  • Accessible and Responsive

    We consider and respect the urgency of certain projects and maintain flexibility with staff and resources to respond accordingly.

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