Providing design solutions that offer visual relief and continuity with existing surroundings

Improving roads to current design and safety standards, while maintaining the character of existing neighborhoods, presents a unique challenge on every road improvement project. At Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates a strong technical capability is balanced with an equally sensitive concern for environmental factors as well as visual impact. Traffic volume and existing road conditions, including horizontal and vertical geometry, drainage, subdrainage, pavement width and surface quality, are the basis for technical design parameters. Mature trees, stonewalls, wetlands, watercourses, historic structures and topography are the physical characteristics which establish the identity of individual neighborhoods.

At Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates, the integration of these key physical characteristics into each design solution offer visual relief and continuity with the existing surroundings.

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An attractive road design, that provides safe and convenient access in every season is the Jacobson objective.

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    We adhere to our original goal of maintaining a highly competent firm of knowledgeable experienced staff capable of tackling both large and small projects.

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    The experience and efforts of our principals is focused on solving technical issues rather than administrative problems.

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