Land Survey

Comprehensive Land Surveying, Topographic Mapping & Boundary Line Issues

Land Survey & Technical Services is the affiliate of Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates that provides comprehensive land surveying services on the firms engineering projects, as well as to municipalities, institutions, architectural and engineering firms, construction companies, and the general public. With an experienced staff utilizing GPS based data acquisition technology, precise and accurate survey data is obtained, resulting in the reliable production of boundary and topographic mapping services.

Thorough land records research, combined with an understanding of the principles of boundary reconstruction, ensures a sound resolution to complex boundary line issues.

Our historical, institutional, and local knowledge adds unique value to our clients' projects.

  • About Our Firm

    An affiliate company created in 1993 with experienced professionals to provide in-house comprehensive land surveying services to support our engineering design staff and clients.

  • Why Choose LSTS

    In depth research and boundary resolution, highly detailed topographic surveys using GPS based data acquisition technology and clear and concise drawing production sets LSTS apart.

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