Service Sectors

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Technical Services for Government Agencies, Municipalities, and Private Clients

Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates is comprised of ten service sectors. With a principal engineer heading up each sector and a strong supporting team we solve engineering challenges with a balance of technical expertise, historical knowledge, sensitive aesthetic perspective, and fiscal accountability.

  • Bridges

    Serving as your connection to the development of an environmentally sound, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective bridge, we have completed many successful projects within this sector.

  • Land Survey

    Providing comprehensive land surveying services for municipalities, institutions, architectural and engineering firms, construction companies, and the general public.

  • Municipal Engineering

    Addressing complex infrastructure, environmental, and land use issues facing municipal governments to enhance economic development, improve the quality of life, and address regulatory mandates.

  • Recreational Facilities

    Designing attractive and functional recreational projects including athletic fields, multi-use trails, and waterfront facilities that integrate operational consideration with site amenities and features to add interest and character.

  • Roads

    Creating design solutions that address existing infrastructure needs, regulatory requirements, and safety standards while offering visual relief and continuity with the surroundings.

  • Site Planning

    Identifying a site’s key attributes and constraints along with considering applicable land use regulations to provide practical and functional designs which complement the surrounding environment.

  • Stormwater Management

    Utilizing the most advanced low impact development and treatment stormwater technologies in our projects as an integral design element, not just an afterthought.

  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment

    Developing innovative designs for solving difficult wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal problems while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns and protection of natural resources.

  • Water Resources

    Having successfully completed numerous projects including fish ladders, dam rehabilitations, flood control projects, and watershed studies our technical staff has extensive experience in this specialized field.

  • Water Supply

    Guiding water supply projects for both municipal and investor-owned water utilities from planning through complex permitting issues to the design and construction.