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Essex Meadows, Essex, CT

Site Planning

Site planning at Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates is considered an art. Identification of a site's key attributes and limitations, along with applicable land use regulations, establishes the initial framework in responding to a challenging site planning opportunity. Cost, schedule, function and aesthetics are the details that are forged into a design solution. At Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates, the details of site development projects are sensitively and thoughtfully prepared. Practical and functional designs which complement the surrounding environment is our goal. Creative engineering skills are our tools and an attractive site is the final impression.

At Jacobson, quality and service is our commitment.

Project Photos


• ADA Best Practices Tool Kit: Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings:

• CTDEEP: Natural Diversity Data Base (NDDB) Maps:

• CTDOT: Recognizing Wetlands:

• CTDOT: Historic and Archeological Resources:

• Connecticut Standard Specifications for Roads, Bridges and Incidental Construction (Form 816):