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Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering includes all of the civil and environmental engineering services required to address the complex infrastructure, environmental and land use issues facing municipal governments. Projects that enhance economic development opportunities, improve the quality of life enjoyed and expected by the community, or that address regulatory mandates are developed with budget conscious, innovative and functional design solutions. For more than four decades, Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates' professional staff have provided comprehensive on-call engineering support services to public works, land use, and recreation departments including project budgeting, public presentations, grants procurement, regulatory compliance, disaster assistance, studies, permitting, design, construction services, land use reviews and communications with residents.

At Jacobson, quality and service is our commitment.

Project Photos


• Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO):

• UCONN: Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC):

• Connecticut Land Use Permits and General Permits:

• CTOPM: Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP):