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Dolbia Hill Road Bridge, East Haddam, CT


Bridge, as defined in Webster's dictionary, is something providing a connection. At Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates, bridges are more than just connections. Environmental, aesthetic and cost considerations are all forged into a specific design solution giving each bridge rehabilitation and replacement project its own identity. Environmental issues including wetlands, fisheries and flood plain management may require the use of a clear span structure. Aesthetics may influence the selection of materials, with steel and concrete often used in urban settings or on major roadways, while a blend of timber and stone may be more appropriate for rural surroundings. Cost and scheduling factors may require the use of precast or prefabricated components. Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates is your connection to the successful development of an environmentally sound, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective bridge project.

At Jacobson, quality and service is our commitment.

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