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Since its founding in 1972, Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates has maintained a reputation for the quality of its work and personal service to its clients. The firm offers a range of engineering services focused within ten principal service sectors including Roads, Bridges, Storm Water Management, Water Supply, Wastewater, Water Resources, Recreational Facilities, Site Planning, Land Survey, and comprehensive on-call Municipal Engineering Services. With a strong technical capability supported by a diverse professional staff, Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates solves civil and environmental engineering challenges with a balanced combination of technical expertise, historical knowledge, sensitive aesthetic perspective and fiscal accountability.

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Lake Tonetta Subsurface Gravel Wetland

The Lake Tonetta Subsurface Gravel Wetland was recently completed in the Town of Southeast, New York. This stormwater retrofit project, located in the New York City Croton Reservoir Watershed, captures and treats stormwater runoff from a 57 acre highly developed residential area and outlets to the Great Cedar Swamp upstream of Lake Tonetta. In addition to improving the quality of runoff entering a sensitive and highly functional wetland, this practice provides necessary pollutant removal to meet the New York State Department of Conservation Enhanced MS4 requirements. The subsurface gravel wetland consists of a sediment forebay and two submerged wetland cells which are densely vegetated on the surface and underlain by wetland soil and layers of variable sized crushed stone with a geocomposite clay liner to maintain wetland hydrology. Stormwater is filtered as it flows horizontally through the subsurface medium. This practice thus combines sedimentation removal on the surface with nutrient removal in a subsurface zone. The innovative approach was selected because it offers a high level of treatment within a relatively small footprint with low maintenance. The project represents a relatively new technology for stormwater treatment in the United States and is unique in that up to the 100-year design storm flows (230 cfs) are routed through the forebay and wetland cells. The project, which was completed and placed on-line in June 2014, was funded by the Hudson Watershed Corporation.

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Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates Receives 2018 Distinguished Service Award from CASHO

Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates is honored to receive a 2018 Distinguished Service Award from the Connecticut Association of Street and Highway Officials (CASHO), "For its continuous dedication and support to the principals and ideals of CASHO." The firm was presented with the award at CASHO's 47th Annual Awards Banquet held at the Aqua Turf Club. In accepting the award on behalf of the firm, Geoffrey Jacobson remarked that, "Over the past 46 years Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates have had the opportunity and privilege to serve more than 60 municipal clients on a wide variety of projects. Since most of these projects included working with local public works officials to improve municipal infrastructure, it is especially meaningful to receive this recognition from CASHO." Fifteen of the company's staff members and their spouses, as well as the firm's founder, were in attendance to celebrate this achievement.

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